The chain on my bike derailed. Ten miles from home, this could have been a crisis. No worries! I pulled my phone out of my backpack and googled, “bike shop near me.” The closest one was a short walk away. The helpful mechanic did a quick derailleur adjustment, and I was back on my way.

This incident gives me pause. How often do I get derailed? How do I get back on track? Who or what helps me through this?

First, I get derailed every single day! I start my morning with meditation. Sometimes, I am very intentional about using this time to get in touch with my deepest desire – to connect with the divine that resides within and around me – the flow, the energy, the love.

More often, I meditate out of habit. I’m committed to a daily practice. If nothing else, science shows that meditation changes the brain. Of course, this is a very slow process. A meditation teacher told me that I might see the fruits of this practice in 10 or 20 or 30 years. Stay tuned!

Back to my deep desire for connection. I want to live in the flow. I want to live from the flow. All of the time! OK – at least more of the time! It can be so hard for me to be aware of this sense of connection in the midst of the challenges of daily life.

Every now and then, there is a moment when I know that I’m in the flow. I’m gazing at an oak tree, and I know that we’re connected. I’m listening to the experience of another, and I feel the energy stirring within me. I’m journaling, and a surprising insight appears in front of me. In these moments, I feel connected to something greater than myself, not just externally, but in the deepest parts of me.

More often, I fail to remember that these moments are even a possibility. I’m struggling to clean out my inbox. I’m running to my next appointment. I’m ruminating about an encounter that occurred last week. I completely forget that I even have this longing for connection. At the same time, I am growing in trust that I am always connected, always in the flow, even when I forget to pay attention.

I want to wake up. I want to stay awake. I know that I can only do this with the help of nourishing people and places whether it’s an inspiring speaker, a beautiful retreat house or even a helpful bike mechanic. And when I’m awake to the flow, I want to live from it – to share the flow, the energy, the love with others.

Enough about my yearnings! How about you? What is your deepest desire? And how do you wake up and stay awake to the divine flow that resides within and around you?

Copyright (c) 2021, Bridget Purdome, All rights reserved.

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  1. I have always referred to these moments as moments that “hijack ” my day.Thanks for the idea of an unplanned “possibility” .

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