Fullness of Life

“What’s on your mind these days?” A friend asked.

“Nothing really,” I initially thought.

Well…there has been a lot. This spring, I participated in my first Native American drumming circle in Oklahoma and plunged into Possum Kingdom Lake in Texas. I visited my daughter in LA, facilitated a retreat in Racine, and cheered on the LGBTQ+ community at PrideFest in Milwaukee.

Here in Chicago, I watched stunning sunrises and sunsets from our balcony, planted colorful marigolds, petunias and coneflowers, and biked the beautiful path along Lake Michigan. The only minor mishap was being dive bombed by a red winged blackbird at the Lincoln Park Nature Boardwalk. (Fortunately, I was wearing a hat!)

As summer approaches, I’m in touch with the fullness of life.

At the same time, I’ve seen far too many migrant parents on the streets desperately trying to feed their children, meditated with detainees who are struggling to survive the stark conditions of Cook County jail, and both tuned into and avoided the overwhelming news of war, climate crisis, and divisive politics in our world.

As summer approaches, I’m in touch with the lack of fullness of life.

What’s on my mind these days? I’m challenged by the question: How do I participate in ensuring fullness of life for all?

How about you? What’s on your mind these days?

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