The Dance

A former colleague, a deeply spiritual Catholic priest from India, dropped off an oddly shaped package just before returning to his home country. It was surprisingly heavy; I had no idea what might be inside.

I tore the wrapping off and discovered a beautiful statue. I read the note and learned that it is the dancing Hindu God, Shiva, and that it represents creation and destruction.

Creation and destruction.

Creation and destruction.

Creation and destruction.

The statue now sits on my windowsill inviting me into its dance. During this global pandemic, it certainly doesn’t feel like I have a choice. The destruction is clear.



Climate change.

Yet, the dancer tells me there’s more. And as I look out my window and see some initial glimmers of spring, I sense the divine inviting me into this new season of creation. Beckoning me to:


Undoing racism.

Caring for our planet.

How can I more fully participate in this great dance? How about you?

How can we creatively care for each other?

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