The Pool. The Lake.

The Pool. I have been returning to the swimming pool of my childhood this summer as it is only a couple miles from my Mom’s nursing home. “Rec” pool has changed very little in the last 40 years. Even the old popcorn popper in the concession stand looks like it has never been replaced. As …

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The chain on my bike derailed. Ten miles from home, this could have been a crisis. No worries! I pulled my phone out of my backpack and googled, “bike shop near me.” The closest one was a short walk away. The helpful mechanic did a quick derailleur adjustment, and I was back on my way. …

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The Oak and I

I’m present to the oakor is it present to me?So healthyfulland green. Really a bit unkempt.No time to tidy upduring this summer of growth. I gaze at the oak.Or does it gaze at me?Both aware of a mysterious connectiona shared field of energya nourishing flow of love. We both knowthe oak and Iwe are Onein …

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Bursting with buds the towering oaks patiently stand waiting for spring flowers green leaves maybe even a sense of fullness. At this moment they’re content to be right where they are. What are you waiting for this spring? How are you waiting? Copyright (c) 2021, Bridget Purdome, ThePearlDivers.com. All rights reserved.

Good Friday

“What’s so good about Good Friday? Isn’t it a day of death and sorrow?” I paused, as I overheard a colleague asking these questions. “What’s so good about Good Friday?” I continue to sit with this question, as I rest and reflect. First, it’s a paid holiday for me and my co-workers which is a …

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Two Magnificent Trees

Yesterday, while taking some “on the cusp of spring” time in Wisconsin, I was stunned to see two men appear outside the window and begin to cut down the big, old maple tree. I had first encountered this magnificent tree more than 30 years ago, when I visited my parents in this same woodsy condo. …

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The Dance

A former colleague, a deeply spiritual Catholic priest from India, dropped off an oddly shaped package just before returning to his home country. It was surprisingly heavy; I had no idea what might be inside. I tore the wrapping off and discovered a beautiful statue. I read the note and learned that it is the …

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