Reflecting. Sparkling.

It wasn’t on our list of “don’t miss” stops along the Icefield Parkway in Banff National Park. And with a name like, “Herbert,” I didn’t have high expectations. I just needed to stretch my legs with a short walk to the lake.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I have nothing against all of you readers named Herbert. I’m sure that you are all lovely people, but Herbert Lake turned out to be surprisingly stunning. Its shoreline was wrapped in dark green pines, rocky mountains towered behind it, and puffy white and gray clouds decorated the blue sky above it.

Most amazingly, the lake’s crystal clear water reflected all of this. The dark green pines were reflected in the lake. The rocky mountains were reflected in the lake. And to my great delight, the puffy white and gray clouds and blue sky were reflected in the lake. What a magnificent sight!

As I took in all of this incredible beauty, I could almost hear Herbert inviting me into a soft meditation, “Breath in. Take in the beauty. Breathe out. Reflect it to others. Breathe in. Take in the beauty. Breathe out. Reflect it to others. Breathe in. Take in the beauty. Breath out. Reflect it to others.”

I could have meditated with Herbert all day long, but sadly we had to continue on our way. This was only the first stop of our day’s exploration. Before departing, I heard one last whisper, “Stop and take a look on your way back.”

After many more great adventures that day, our final stop was Herbert Lake. It was still stunning in the late afternoon sun. Its shoreline was still wrapped in dark green pines. Rocky mountains still towered behind it. Puffy white and gray clouds still decorated the blue sky above it.

There was also a significant change. The dark green pines, the towering mountains, and the white and gray clouds decorating the blue sky were no longer reflected in the lake. Instead, there were dazzling sparkles of light dancing across it. Another magnificent sight!

I realize that these shiny glints of light may be attributed to Herbert taking in the sun from above and reflecting it to us. I also sensed that something deeper was happening. After a full day of taking in beauty and reflecting it to others, perhaps Herbert was in touch with a mysterious light that resides deep within it. Maybe some of these sparkles were arising from the depths of Herbert.

I trust that this mysterious light lives within the depths of Herbert Lake. I also trust that it lives within the depths of each tree, mountain, and cloud and even within you and I. Yes – this light resides within the depths of you and I!

So, how do we connect with this inner light? I don’t know for sure, but Herbert appears to offer us some wisdom, “Take in beauty. Offer it to others. Again and again and again…and perhaps, from deep within, the dazzling sparkles will begin to arise.”

Thank you, Herbert Lake!

Copyright (c) 2023, Bridget Purdome, All rights reserved.

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