Good Friday

“What’s so good about Good Friday? Isn’t it a day of death and sorrow?” I paused, as I overheard a colleague asking these questions. “What’s so good about Good Friday?” I continue to sit with this question, as I rest and reflect. First, it’s a paid holiday for me and my co-workers which is a […]

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Two Magnificent Trees

Yesterday, while taking some “on the cusp of spring” time in Wisconsin, I was stunned to see two men appear outside the window and begin to cut down the big, old maple tree. I had first encountered this magnificent tree more than 30 years ago, when I visited my parents in this same woodsy condo.

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The Dance

A former colleague, a deeply spiritual Catholic priest from India, dropped off an oddly shaped package just before returning to his home country. It was surprisingly heavy; I had no idea what might be inside. I tore the wrapping off and discovered a beautiful statue. I read the note and learned that it is the

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