Live Fully

My mom would have turned 86 today.

This morning, I awoke to a 49-degree temperature, threw on several layers of clothing, and rode my bike to Lake Michigan in the dark. (Don’t worry, Mom! My bike is equipped with cool, blinking lights!) As I approached Montrose Beach, I was joined by hundreds of people. They were clearly a much younger demographic than myself.

I will turn 59 tomorrow. My mom and I used to have lunch together to celebrate our back-to-back birthdays. This year is different; I lost her last month.

This was my first “Friday Morning Swim Club” and the last of the season. First, there was an a beautiful sunrise. Then, it was time for the jump. A surprising number of brave souls lined up facing the water. Many had floaties in hand; my favorite was the pizza-shaped raft. The signal was given, and they all plunged into the turbulent water! There were shrieks of laughter, barking dogs, and lots of photo opportunities! I soaked it all up in amazement, took lots of pictures, and vowed to return next summer to make the jump!

My mom would have turned 86 today. As I grieve her loss, I continue to hear her voice. I never actually heard her say these words aloud, but I watched her live them.

What is my mom’s birthday message to me? And to each of you?



“Live fully!”

By the way, let me know if you’d like to join me for the plunge next summer!

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