Remembering Mom

I remember simple moments with Mom as well as extraordinary ones.

A few years ago, I accompanied her to a doctor’s appointment that was especially difficult. She was dealing with an undiagnosed UTI, and it was impacting her mentally. Uncharacteristic of sweet and gentle Mom, she was very loud in the waiting room and complained about the appointment all the way home.

Afterwards, we were both exhausted but decided to stop in the nursing home deli. This was one of her favorite places. We each ordered a cup of ice cream – butter pecan for her and mint chocolate chip for me. As she happily ate it, I could feel her sense of peace being restored. Finally, she turned to me and said, “Thank you for coming today. I’m really glad we did this.” And I responded, “I’m really glad we did this, too.” Even in our fatigue, I knew that we both meant it.

Mom was a great golfer. She was also a wonderful supporter of my athletic endeavors. When I was a teen, she decided to teach me the game at a little course in a neighboring suburb. She stepped up to one of the tees (I wish I remembered which hole it was) and took her practice swing. Then she whacked the ball. What happened? It flew through the air, rolled across the green and landed in the hole. A hole in one! I’ve never seen Mom so elated – like she was walking on clouds! When we got back to the clubhouse, she excitedly told the staff about her great accomplishment, and they gave her a little trophy. She talked about how thrilled she was all the way home.

In the last days of her life, my siblings and I had the opportunity to be with Mom as she moved into a place of deepening peace. I can only imagine what it was like for her to take that last breath. How elated she was! How thrilled she was when she knew that she was finally home!

Thank you for sharing your love with us, Mom. I’m really glad we did this.

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